Your organisation has a compelling investment case. So why don’t investors see it?


Effective Investor and Funder Relations is deceptively difficult to get right, requiring the ability to navigate an unusual combination of areas - finance, communication and compliance. That is why training is a core part of our offering. Selected to train by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, we also run courses on stakeholder and media relations.

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Introduction to Investor Relations

As an executive responsible for investor engagement, you compete for investment capital with companies across the world. Attracting sell-side interest and foreign investors can be tough given investor anxiety about emerging market and country issues. How do you build an effective investment case, particularly as an emerging markets company?

Digital Investor Relations

Content on the internet and social media drives investment decisions and impacts company value. That makes the web is a powerful channel to present your investment case or enlist support for corporate actions. Learn how to take advantage of this opportunity, in a way that meets best practise and falls within listing regulations.   

Compelling Investor Engagement on ESG

​A growing number of investors aiming to understand a company’s risk profile now include questions about its critical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues along with the financial. Few companies facing questions about ESG issues are equipped to handle them. How do you turn ESG into a competitive advantage? 

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Next dates for JSE training: June 2022

Training is conducted online 

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