Civil society organisations need funding to create a better world. In much of Africa, traditional donors are reducing funding while social needs continue to grow. Non-profit organisations need help to find new funders, expand operations and grow capacity.

A Capital Idea assists organisations to tell funders about their progress, governance and achievements by crafting compelling funding pitches in language that funders understand. We improve funder opinions of our clients while setting appropriate expectations of their progress.

Let us help you to achieve your goals and get the recognition you deserve.

We offer

  • Guidance on what funders want and how to tell your story

  • Insights about working with the media, and why your organisation should do so

  • Training and coaching on donor and media engagement

We also assist development institutions by

  • Pre-funding: performing due diligences on the sustainability and capacity of organisations;

  • Post-funding: working with organisations to monitor and better report on their impact;

  • Crafting communications strategies to tell the correct audiences about programme achievements.